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ABC Mail Manager

ABC Mail Manager
ABC MailManager is a software for creating and managing mailing lists. You may create a mailing list directly by using a "subscribe form" on your site or by importing a list from a text file. It can send both plain and html mails with the ability to attach files. A mailing list archive is created during the mailing process. For sending mail the ABC MailManager uses server programs (like sendmail, qsend), but also can work directly with SMTP-server. An admin panel for mass mailing and managing your mailing lists.
Price : $24.95 Version : 1.0 Visit it >>>

Athlon XP Thunderbird Processor Identifier
This script turns the user unfriendly markings from any Athlon XP ot Athlon Thunderbird based processor to human readable information such as CPU frequency, FSB, operating voltage, cache size, multiplier and so on. One of the most useful function is that the script automaticaly identifies weather the CPU core is Palomino, Thoroughbred (A or B revision) or the newest one - Barton.
Price : $20 Version : 0.99b Visit it >>>

TopicLive is an upcoming downloadable online community system that gives users the richest set of features to discuss, share and publish information. Our aim is to produce a fast, scalable and comprehensive system that takes the online community concept into a new generation. Please note that TopicLive currently still under development. The current projection is for a Spring 2005 release date.
Price : n/a Version : Under Development Visit it >>>

Cyber-god2k - PHP Send Mail
This is a very useful PHP Form Mail script, it can send an e-mail to a specified e-mail address, using a customizable HTML form. Features include, I.P Logging on a flat file DB (for future plans), and easy to understand output e-mail. When you to press [reply] in Outlook Express, it will send the e-mail to the users e-mail address (asked for in form). Future versions are already under construction.
Price : Freeware Version : 1.2 Visit it >>>

Enterprise Shopping Cart
The Enterprise Shopping Cart is a combination of Open Source Code and our own additions to solve numerous bugs and security issues in the standard version. With support for Digital Products, Multiple Pictures per product, affilliate program, banner management, live help, and much more. Work on this product continues daily and all users of our Enterprise 3.0 will be able to receive our new Enterprise Professional 4.0 when released for FREE instead of the $699 price when released early 2005.
Price : n/a Version : 3.01 Visit it >>>

Virtual-Cinema Virtual-Ticket
Virtual-Cinema is a cinema booking administration system based on PHP and MySQL. Features: online seat booking and ticket printing with advertising on it, cinema POS with barcode, statistics, and more.
Price : commercial Version : 0.94 Visit it >>>

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