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Ad Management Scripts

Simple PHP ad rotation
A simple ad rotation program written in php, which uses a simple text file to revolve your ads. You can use this script to rotate any thing, all you have to do is place the contents in a text file (the content in the text file will be seperated by ~ sign) the script imports the contents of the file and saves it into an array by seperating the contents by "~" sign you put. then a randon number is choosen and array[random number] is displayed on the site.
Price : n/a Version : n/a Visit it >>>

This is a very simple php ad rotator that you can easily add ads to by logging in to the admin area, it also writes each ads url in a text file each time it is displayed.
Price : n/a Version : n/a Visit it >>>

Simple PHP text ad rotator
This is a simple php text ad rotator that you can easily add and delete ads to by logging into the admin area.
Price : n/a Version : n/a Visit it >>>

SimpleAd Rotator
Do you need basic Ad Rotation on your website without the Bells and Whistles? Simple Ad Rotator can be configured, installed and serving ads in under 5 minutes! No Database required, Can use any type of banner code (html, flash, iframe), Can be used to pull non banner content and rotate it such as html, download links, random images, etc..
Price : 15.00 Version : 1.0.1 Visit it >>>

Softbiz Banner Ad Management script Banner Rotator
Softbiz Banner Ad Management script helps you automate the advertising interface of your site. This script helps you invite advertisers to place their banner ads on your site. You can define the different banner sizes for which advertisers can place ads. Advertisers can then buy impressions for their banners through paypal and their ads will start appearing immediately. Fully customizable color schemes of the script make it very easy to embed this script into your site. Extensive real time stats enhance the advertisers experience. Also, advertisers can search and sort banners on various criterions. Administrator can configure site parameters, change display colors, configurable emails, view stats, transactions and member information EXPERIENCE this POWERFUL script through the FULL ONLINE DEMO for admin panel as well as advertisers area.
Price : n/a Version : 1.1 Visit it >>>

Team php SE module
A phpNuke or GeekLog (module / addon) or a stand alone script, that generates millions of search engine friendly pages. All while allowing the webmaster to sell keywords to visitors and or show any affiliate links they add to the database. The script was originally created by myself over three years ago to launch several company sites i was working on. It was a success and the sites are still pulling thousands of hits every day from major search engines such as Google , AlltheWeb , Yahoo , and MSN all due to the same script for sell here. The reason for the script not being sold during the last two years is due to a non compete disclosure I signed when I sold one of my previous companies. But the date has ran out and now the "php SE Manipulation Script" is for sell again. Every domain that you buy this script for will easily make the script cost back by simply placing google adsense banners in the header and footer page of the script. I personally have this software on dozens of sites that I have created in the last few years. Each site on average generates $100 to $400 per month simply because of the "Team PHP SE Module".
Price : n/a Version : v3.0 Visit it >>>

Text Ads 10 Text Advertisment Script
Sell text advertisement spots on your website. Text Ads is a simple but powerful and highly customizable text advertisement system with multi-currency support , instant (client Paypal payment) ad activation , impressions and click-thru tracking , customizable ad packages, administrative features, highly customizable (Dreamweaver/Frontpage compatible) layout, Paypal IPN independent, and user and administration control panels.
Price : n/a Version : 1.0 Visit it >>>

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