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Blog Scripts

SmE Blog Host
SMe Blog Host - allow you to run your own Blog hosting service. is a good tool for webmaster, your able to ofert a free blog for your visitors and your give a more visits .Users have all control in blog, Customize the text (font, color, size),, in admin your able to delete a user or edit in edit your able to remove a link powered ,banners, send mass email for all users...
Price : n/a Version : 2.1 Visit it >>>

The Nameless Blog Script
The Nameless Blog script is a simple blog script running in php and mysql that will allow you to quickly and easily post news or journal entries as well as allow you to receive comments on entries. There is also a function for password protecting entries. The layout is fully customizeable by the css file. This script is in production and many new features are in the works.
Price : n/a Version : 2.0 Visit it >>>

The WebEnabler Blog features Serendipity a powerful blog application
The WebEnabler Blog is a conglomerate of software components, that when added to a regular desktop with Windows XP Home or Pro OS, transforms the system into a dynamic, versatile and powerful Server (Web and Mail). The WebEnabler Blog incorporates a framework of the best-of-breed components and user applications that are integrated into one package, fully configured and ready to run. The WebEnabler Blog is simple to install and to maintain. The WebEnabler Blog features "Serendipity", a powerful blog application that provides an easy way to create and maintain an elegant and proffesional weblog for businesses or individuals. The WebEnabler Blog is suitable for both beginners and professionals. The WebEnabler Blog is a complete turn-key solution, fully configured and ready to run. Easy to install - No experience needed.
Price : n/a Version : 2.0 Visit it >>>

TowerBlog if fast to setup (<5 minutes), fast to learn, fast to use, and just as importatnly, powerful. TowerBlog features a customizable layout, backup & restore features as well as many more.
Price : FREE (Custom License) Version : 0.2rc2 Visit it >>>

WebspotBlogging is a scripts which allows you to have your own blog/news page allowing you to post, edit and manage your posts on your page. Also with the user management you can easily make new users, change users and restrict users to only making posts if you want to. The easy installation wizard helps you set up your WebspotBlogging quickly and easily and with no problems. All you will need to know is your database settings and youre away! Theme management allows you to change the way your blog looks by changing things like colours and fonts. WebspotBlogging automatically provides you with a default theme which you can edit and adapt to your own taste. Setting management allows you to change simple things of your blog like the name of it and a description. Hopefully in the future there will be more versions of WebspotBlogging expanding the way you post entries on your site. I hope you enjoy this product.
Price : n/a Version : 1.00 Visit it >>>

wheatblog app
WheatBlogApp is a PHP/MySQL web application for maintaining a blog on your own server. It includes a commenting system and allows blog post to be viewed by category, permalink, and archive date. It generates RSS feeds.
Price : n/a Version : .03b Visit it >>>

WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform with a focus on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. It supports multiple users, categories, comments, bookmarklets, RSS syndication, several APIs, ping, and more!
Price : GPL Version : 1.2 Visit it >>>

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